Sunday, March 28, 2010

Menu Plan 3/28

Mindful Menus

I do have some new recipes to share. Life has been so hectic, I haven't had time to post them. I'll try to get to that soon!

Anyway, here is our healthy menu plan for the week!

Sunday - homemade pizza, salad (my mother-in-law brought taboulleh - it was wonderful!)

Monday - pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, steamed veggie

Tuesday - Italian wedding soup

Wednesday - goulash

Thursday - FIFI (Find It, Fix It)

Friday - baked tilapia, brown rice, steamed veggies

Saturday - whatever is easy as we'll be spending a lot of time prepping for Easter

Our Easter dinner plan is: pulled pork BBQ, ham, mashed cauliflower/potatoes, roasted green beans, broccoli salad, cole slaw, homemade rolls, homemade pastries

If you have a chance, hop over to my main blog to read my Mamavation (health and fitness) updates. Thanks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Plan 3/21

Mindful Menus

Sunday - homemade pizza

Monday - garden lasagna

Tuesday - pumpkin soup (it is SO good, and I have pumpkin puree in the freezer), and for those less adventurous family members, rice noodles w/ tomato sauce & meatballs

Wednesday - goulash

Thursday - tomato-veggie soup, grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade whole wheat bread

Friday - grilled steak, quinoa pilaf, steamed veggies

Saturday - Hubby & I have a date, so we'll be eating out; Grammy & Ladybug have yet to decide what's on the menu for them

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Plan 3/14

Mindful Menus

Is it really halfway through March already? My mom is coming for a 3 week visit starting this week, so the menu plan this week will be very flexible, depending on when we get to the grocery store, and what we want to make. Mom and I love being in the kitchen together, even if we sometimes get in each other's way.

Here's our healthy menu plan for the week:

Sunday - FIFI (Find It, Fix It, a.k.a leftovers)

Monday - birthday dinner for my niece

Tuesday - skillet hash, steamed veggies

Wednesday - egg/sausage muffins, skillet potatoes

Thursday - tomato-veggie soup, grilled cheese on whole wheat bread, carrot & celery sticks

Friday - grilled whiting filets, brown rice, steamed veggies

Saturday - (drawing a blank, I'll have to rely on Mom for suggestions!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan 3/8

Mindful Menus

I'm so excited to find a bloggy menu carnival that focuses on REAL food! We've moved away from processed foods in the last few years, at first to help with the budget, then because it's just healthier!

Here's the plan for the week. Some meals from last week's plan are up again because we had to makes changes last week.

Monday: venison crockpot meal - venison, tomatoes, tomato sauce, squash, green beans, peppers, cook on low all day, served over whole wheat pasta or homemade bread (Hubby's choice as I have to leave early for a meeting.)

Tuesday - salmon casserole, quinoa pilaf (Hubby LOVES the quinoa!)

Wednesday - chicken and vegetable stir-fry

Thursday - grilled cheese sandwiches (using homemade whole wheat bread and REAL cheese; I eliminated the processed cheese a few months ago - real cheese tastes SO much better!), carrot and celery sticks

Friday - chicken tortillas with homemade tortillas and lots of veggies

Saturday - breakfast for dinner, we haven't done this in a while, it always makes an easy meal!

Sunday - homemade pizza with my pizza dough recipe; we usually have chicken and broccoli as toppings