Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menu Plan 1/16

Lots of extra activities this week!

Sunday - dinner at the in-laws

Monday - open-face hamburgers, steamed veggies

Tuesday - Brinner!

Wednesday - dinner at church/small group

Thursday - pasta & veggies for the girl-child, Hubby & I will eat at a wedding rehearsal dinner

Friday - wedding & wedding reception food

Saturday - veggie lasagna, salad

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan 1/9

Sunday - FIFI (Find It, Fix It)

Monday - chicken and veggie stir fry, brown rice

Tuesday - pasta, steamed veggies

Wednesday - dinner at church/small group

Thursday - Brinner! (Why is breakfast for dinner so exciting?)

Friday - soup and salad

Saturday - baked chicken, quinoa pilaf, steamed veggies

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menu Plan 1/2

The holidays are over, time to get back to "normal!"

Sunday - turkey/barley soup, assorted leftovers

Monday - Thanksgiving in a Crockpot, collards

Tuesday -salad, FIFI (Find It, Fix It)

Wednesday - Brinner (breakfast for dinner)

Thursday - grilled cheese sandwiches, veggies

Friday - church staff party

Saturday - veggie stir fry with brown rice