Sunday, April 25, 2010

Menu Plan 4/25

Mindful Menus

Breakfast is usually oatmeal with fruit. Lunch will be leftovers, salad, or smoothies, depending on our schedule. And for dinner:

Sunday - open-face turkey burgers, oven fries, fresh zucchini

Monday - spaghetti w/ meat balls, steamed veggies or romaine salad

Tuesday - grilled steak, baked potatoes with toppings

Wednesday - chicken quesadillas, steamed veggies

Thursday - FIFI (Find It, Fix It aka leftovers) since we have praise band practice

Friday - salmon casserole, pasta salad (I always have more veggies than pasta in my pasta salads.)

Saturday - our praise band from church is playing at a music & arts festival so we'll probably eat out

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