Thursday, May 15, 2008

Four Foods on Friday - Chocolate

Four Foods on Friday is hosted by Val at Fun, Crafts, and Recipes. This week's theme for FFoF is “chocolate”. Mmmm. I LOVE chocolate!

#1. What’s your favorite beverage containing chocolate or chocolate flavoring? ~ Pink Chocolate, it's a white hot chocolate with raspberry flavored syrup. Yumm-eee.

#2. What’s your favorite chocolate bar? OR Share a pic of your favorite candy, chocolate or otherwise. ~ I love any dark chocolate candy bar. One of my current faves is Snickers Dark Chocolate.

#3. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten that had chocolate in it? ~ Chocolate covered jalepeno. Not a favorite of mine, but it was definitely interesting!

#4. Share a recipe using chocolate.

Yum Yum Brownie Muffins, from Hungry Girl

(1 Muffin, or 3 minis - 181 calories, 3.5g fat, 37g carbs, 2g, fiber, 2g protein - 4 WW points)
This super-simple 2-ingredient recipe is a Weight Watchers Fave! This is seriously good too! (You can do this with any cake mix too.)

1 box devil’s food cake mix
1 can solid pack pumpkin (15 oz.)

Directions:Mix the two ingredients together. Don't add anything else that may be mentioned on the box, such as eggs, oil, or water. The mixture will be very thick and you will be tempted to add in other things to make the batter smoother. DO NOT DO THIS AS IT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING! Place batter into muffin tins (or mini muffin tins) lined with paper, or sprayed with non-stick spray. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Makes 12 regular or 36 mini muffins


Anele said...

You and I may be competing for top prize in the unsual category! LOL Trying to envision chocolate covered jalapenos!

chili queen said...

Chocolate + chilies!! Sounds like just the thing I'd wanna try. Why didn't someone tell me sooner?!! LOL

kari said...

The choc jalepeno sounds very interesting.

valmg said...

Chocolate covered jalapenos? Ewww! (I don't like jalapenos in the first place so don't be surprised.)
Thanks for playing FFOF!

Tina Kubala said...

I am bookmarking for the recipe. Yummy.

corrin said...

Do you make pink hot chocolate yourself or is there a certain restaurant or coffee shop that makes it?? It sounds yum.

skeet said...

Chocolate, pumpkin and an easy recipe? I'm so there!

Blessed said...

I like simple recipes!

Charla said...

I want to try your recipe for brownie muffins. In fact, I think I have both ingredients and can make them tonight. I like the fact that the brownies are healthier with the pumpkin in them!

Karen said...

pink chocolate??? Never heard of that one.

Pam said...

I just wanted to tell you that we just ate the Chicken and veggie lasagna - YUM! Ashlyn actually said "this is my favorite!". She loved it and ate it all. She never eats all her food! Thank you so much! (I was going to comment on your other blog, but then I thought I should do it on your food blog since that is where the yumminess came from!)

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I love these muffins, we usually throw in a few choc chips too. i have also added applesauce and it works out great.